It is based on work focused on the wisdom of African asanas for the transmutation of physical memories of the body as a whole. Physical problems have an emotional, mental and spiritual cause. When the body warns us of an illness or illness, it is trying to help us become aware of the reality that we have created and that our way of thinking has created a reality, which we take to be the truth. It is a journey to consciousness or alignment with the creator force transforming itself into self healing power, community healing, expanding the psychic abilities of each one as an individual through reconnection with the inner matrix, with the sacred forces and with the mysteries of creation, in all times, civilizations and cultures.

Stop and Observe:

We begin the conscious dance with the observation of our body and our breathing. We close our eyes and focus on how we are feeling in the moment. We observe how our body is moving and how our breath is flowing. We don t try to change anything, we just observe.

Absorbs and digests feelings:

From observation, we begin to connect with our feelings. We can feel joy, sadness, anger, love, fear and many other feelings. We allow our feelings to be expressed through body movement. There is no right or wrong in conscious dancing, only authentic expression.

Express your needs:

Then we get in touch with our needs. Our needs can be physical, emotional or spiritual. We may feel the need to stretch our bodies, to dance faster or slower, to express ourselves in a specific way, or to let go of some emotions that are bothering us. We allow the body to guide us and we attend to our needs.

Act Through Requests:

We make a request to the universe, to our consciousness or our higher self. We can ask for clarity, healing, direction, peace, love or anything else that is in alignment with our essence or the truth. We ask through body movement, feeling as if we have already received what we asked for.

Focus on the consecration of Feminine Energy

Asanas for rooting; Asanas for determination; Asanas for Joy; Asanas for Liberation; Orixas Asanas;

If you are looking to position your Feminine energy in a harmonious way then this is your practice. Cultivating non-violent body language through dance, balancing the Water and Air elements in you.

Guests, African percussion

Gondutigui percussion group

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