sama yaay

Use the ancestral wisdom of African asanas to transmutate memories that are not beneficial for your current life. Physical problems have an emotional, mental and spiritual cause. When the body warns us of an illness or illness, it is trying to help us become aware of the reality we have created. These are sessions that root you towards alignment with the strength of the creator that exists within you.

Focus on the consecration of Feminine Energy

Asanas for rooting; Asanas for determination; Asanas for Joy; Asanas for Liberation; Orixas Asanas;

Harmonize the contribution of the Water element and the Earth element in your actions.

Musicians: Gondutigui

Stop and Observe:

Start your session by being aware of your energy by always observing your body. Let it flow, don't interfere with anything, just observe.

Absorbs and digests feelings:

From your focus on observation, you begin to connect with your feelings (for example, feeling joy, sadness, fear and/or the immensity of love) allowing such feelings to be expressed through your interpretation of the movement in your body. body. There is no right or wrong in conscious dance, only authentic expression.

Express your needs:

Your needs may be physical, emotional or spiritual. You may feel the need to stretch your body, to dance faster or slower, to express yourself in a specific way or to let go of some emotions that may be bothering you. Allow yourself to flow.

Act Through Requests:

Try to bring a very firm intention to the sessions (clarity, healing, direction, peace, love or anything else).

Para quê?

Prepare yourself for the new Era. A more conscious, strong and flexible physical body, using functional movements.

Para quem?

For all! You are invited to experience an environment where participants respect and support each other.


Concentration. Focus. Adaptation, Observation. Decision. Develop more awareness of body Intelligence.