Sama Baay Kaizen Njel:

It is one of the disciplines of inner kaizen humanology that uses body weight for rooting work in a fun, controlled and challenging way using fluid movement in several planes with the aim of increasing strength, flexibility and endurance simultaneously. It s not just physically challenging, but also mentally, as you need to be aware of your body as a whole and release your inhibitions to move differently.

Focus on the consecration of Masculine Energy

Flexibility; Endurance; Impulse; Balance;

Leg strength, hip strength, trunk/abdominal strength, shoulder strength and mobility, arm strength, wrist and hand strength and flexibility, cross-body coordination, dynamic stability and balance control.

If you are looking to position your Masculine energy in a harmonious way then this is your practice.

Harmonize the contribution of the Fire element and the Air element in your actions.

for what?

Prepare yourself for the new Era. A more conscious, strong and flexible physical body, using functional movements.

for whom?

For all! You are invited to experience a pa warrior environment where participants respect and support each other.


Concentration. Focus. Adaptation, Observation. Decision. Develop more awareness of body Intelligence.