To honor the divine consciousness that exists within you.

An event that has simplicity as its vehicle and depth as its direction. Pray and honor our ancestries by recognizing all the wisdom of the past. bringing the best and purest of our species to all species, celebrating everything that the entities Mother Earth and the Great Spirit provide us unconditionally every day. This approach promotes the union of the individual with himself and among people.

Each of us lightworkers stands for the ascension of our wonderful planet. Celebrating the wisdom that comes from the central creative source. Celebrating the portal that leads us to recognize the family of light, beloved guides, our ancestry, the commutative light that loves us so much and leads us to love each other, eternally living the peace that we sought so much but that always existed within each one of us. We just need to recognize and honor the God that exists in each of us and we are all synchronized in one consciousness, the consciousness of the great spirit.

*Punctuality is also a form of love. Be aware of our terms & conditions.

for what?

Towards a new consciousness. Gain courage to receive all the light we deserve. Live the peace that has always been within each of us.

for whom?

For all who are interested in beginning to work on a new consciousness based on the wisdom of the creative central source assuming that is enough. You are invited to experience an environment of peace warriors, where participants respect and support each other.


You will receive in your heart what comes through the coherence of the heart for a collective consciousness that leads us all to ascension.