Inner KA is a matrix that guides people towards finding the right vehicle and the right direction to achieve inner well-being so that they can live in harmony with their true nature and manifest the authenticity of the Being.

Physical problems have an emotional, mental and spiritual cause. When the body warns us of a malaise or illness, it is trying to help us become aware of the reality we create as being true, due to our way of thinking, saying and doing.

The sessions are designed to, in a simple way, align your body’s energy points and make you aware of your importance and sufficiency as a creator, transformer and transmuter of your reality. Therefore, Inner KA invites you to challenge your being, preparing it as the vehicle to manifest everything you do with joy and freedom. A session for deconstruction, transformation, transmutation and integration to work in tune with your essence.

We are what we practice every day. Cultivate yourself by practicing, not only what you simply want to be, but what you are in your essence.

by Kwenda Lima | Abraham Shalom Yallah Bakhna