Assaman's structure is composed of seven main matrices, each with its corresponding equations. These are:

1. Matrix of Mind - Image, Emotion and Action 2. Matrix of Sacred Economy - Law of Attraction of Abundance 3. Matrix of Spirit - Universal WiFi 4. Matrix of Energy Body Aerodynamics - Seed, Time/Period of Gestation and Manifestation 5. Matrix of Positioning/Repositioning - The Internal Cascade: Stop, observe, absorb, digest and act 6. Matrix of the energetic field - The Frequencies of Gratitude, Love and Healing 7. Matrix of Alchemy - Separation, Purification and Union. 8. Matrix of filters - Fasting of the 6 senses.

Consecration of the body

Breath fasting; Fasting from food and what you preach; Movement fast; Fasting from what you see and how you see; Fasting from what you hear and how you hear; Sixth channel fast.

Fasting for the 6 senses deconstructs and then builds through the integration of separation, purification and union, cultivating harmony between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

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