Inspired by the art of music, movement and spirituality, Kwenda Lima soon put his light at service, helping all those around him to cultivate and value the Merkaba of their Being (the multi-dimensionality of Being), and their Engineering side turned to inner well-being. Through the art of movement, alchemy based on simplicity with depth, leads each person to come from the inside out in harmony and gratitude. And so Inner Kaizen Humanology was born - an approach that contributes to our species graduation to ascension.

The basic premise of Inner Kaizen Humanology is the recognition that we are all part of the universal matrix and that everything is interconnected. Living in the now and in peace, receiving in the heart what comes through the coherence of the heart, manifesting the creator with gratitude for recognizing the wisdom of the central creative source.

To honor the divine consciousness that exists within you.

You are enough. Consecrate yourself in family with the wisdom that comes from the central creative source through the coherence of the heart.

Next event

25-26 of May 2024

The peacemakers prayer

So that humans can move from survival mode to the ascension of collective consciousness by prayers that bring to the heart what comes through the coherence of the heart and nourishing the Merkaba of each Being. So that the transition to a life based on the wisdom of the creative central source be it with trust, faith, hope, benevolence, love, compassion, harmony and awakening.

Next event | No registration required.

11th of May from 5 pm

Consecrate feminine energy with African asanas

by Kwenda Lima | Wednesday from 7.30 pm till 9 pm

Consecrate masculine energy with shamanic drum

by Kwenda Lima | Thursdays from 7.30 pm till 9 pm

* Punctuality is also a way of love. Please be aware of our terms & conditions.