"In Nature, science, religion and art are one expression, one thing. Unfortunately, humans have gained the habit of separating them and even opposing them."

by Kwenda Lima | Abraham Shalom Yallah Bakhna

Inner Kaizen Humanology

Increase your vibration frequency

Inner Kaizen Humanology is a holistic approach to the healing and transformation of the human being, through dance, functional movement, African asanas, rituals. Inner Kaizen Humanology seeks to help each individual become aware of their body, freeing, transforming and transmuting memories that block the harmonious functioning of the body in its three dimensions, mental, emotional and spiritual. The phrase "The Truth will be lived and manifested if the person is in the right vehicle and in the right direction, cultivating his inner well-being" refers to the importance of being in tune with his true inner self to reach and live his authenticity. This means that the person must be aligned with their true nature and be at peace with themselves so that the truth can be expressed and manifested in their daily lives.

The underlying premise of Inner Kaizen Humanology is the recognition that we are all part of the universal family and that everything is interconnected.

by Kwenda Lima | Abraham Shalom Yallah Bakhna

Consecrate Masculine Energy. Primal and functional movements.

Consecrate Feminine Energy. African Asanas.

Consecrate the individual in the collective

Sacred Female and Male Circle. Consecrate the body as a whole.